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Solar Carports

We are an experienced carport contractor that works with clients throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County, specializing in steel framed, aluminum framed, bifacial panels, T-framed and other solar carport solutions.

solar panel carport installation oria builders

Your cars need to be protected from the elements as well as opportunistic thieves, and a new garage or carport is a great way to ensure that your vehicles are kept safe and sheltered. If you’re looking for a garage and carport contractor who can create the perfect enclosure for your vehicles, trust Oria Builders and Go Solar Direct!

Our construction company is committed to approaching your job in a manner that will deliver the best all-around results, with a proven track record of execution. We will ensure that your carport blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home and looks as though it has always been there.

solar carport construction oria builders

Our carports are installed with a variety of features and come with many benefits, including: Durable and maintenance-free steel or fiberglass columns, solid soffit ceiling, motion detection lights, and the electric doors we install are always to code and can accommodate any door configuration you desire.

In addition, as a solar panels construction company, we can design, engineer and install your carport as a solar support system that will look as an integral component of your carport ground-mount.

Remember! Garages and carports are also a great selling feature, so your new addition will also add value to your home while keeping your cars safer. Give us a call today. We will design the most cost-effective carport structure to meet your design details and budgetary needs.

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