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The Advantages of Providing Your Own Finished Construction Materials

There are so many parameters involved in a home renovation and so many decisions to be made before construction can even begin. Beyond selecting a professional construction service provider, homeowners have another important decision to make: who will provide the finished construction materials, such as flooring (tile, wood, laminate), fixtures (faucets, sinks, light fixtures, toilets, cabinet handles), trims, interior doors, windows or cabinets (in some cases), appliances, etc.

You define your home and express your style with the finishing materials you choose, so the decision is an important one. Yet some homeowners don’t understand the implications when contractors ask them if they will provide the finishing materials themselves or prefer to have the contractor supply them, potentially missing out on the benefits of this decision.

In home remodeling, property owners want the finished product to be exactly what they imagined especially in the design stage. In most cases, the potential outcome and the longevity of the work will be determined by the finishing materials used. Materials play a vital role in any construction work. Get a cheap set of materials, and you may have to pay the price in the not so distant future; but with the right materials, you can get the best out of your home renovation and enjoy the benefits for years to come.


The Problem with Contractors Providing the Finished Construction Materials

The problem with contractors providing the finishing materials is the lack of control that homeowners have on the choice of quality materials and in some cases a loss in potential savings. Contractors will either provide standard materials of average (or below) quality or they give an allowance to the homeowner to buy the materials themselves.

In the case of the allowance, anything the homeowner purchases above the allowed amount (for example, contractor allows tile flooring up to $5.25 per sq ft but you found tile that you like at $6.25 per sq ft), the homeowner is responsible for the difference in price.

But if the homeowner finds something less than the allowed amount by the contractor, the difference is a lost cost savings since the contractor will not provide a refund.

Some contractors prey on the inexperience of homeowners and swindle them from their money when it comes to providing the finishing materials. Often contractors will hike up the price of finishing materials and supply cheap or defunct materials whenever possible so as to make a profit on the homeowner’s inexperience.

This means that homeowners suffer on two fronts: first they pay extra money when they didn’t need to, and also risk low quality materials provided by the contractor. That means the materials won’t last long and frankly, won’t provide the desired outcome the homeowner intends for his/her home and property. Hopefully you never encounter a dishonest contractor!

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The Benefits of Providing the Finished Construction Materials Yourself

For homeowners, getting your finishing materials yourself can be really advantageous because you are the one in control of the decision. It is understandable that sometimes homeowners can be confused as to what to buy and how much, but using the network of suppliers we have at Oria Builders in San Jose, homeowners can make an informed decision.

Although it might look like a stressful or overwhelming endeavor, it really isn’t when you consider you will be the one in control to get quality materials at the right price. Oria Builders will always be happy to help you throughout the process to make it more manageable for our clients.


Why Oria Builders Is Different

At Oria Builders we are customer oriented, and that means we want to give you the knowledge, power and control to maximize the outcome of your construction project. We know the games that some contractors play and we can proudly say that we don’t function in such a manner.

We pride ourselves in providing the knowledge and tools to our customers to help them make the best, informed decision for themselves. At Oria Builders, we offer any option at the proposal stage- we can provide the materials, provide an allowance for materials, or exclude the finished construction materials altogether from the proposal.

But we tend to recommend to homeowners to provide their own finishing materials, either themselves or by providing an allowance in the contract. Regardless of what method the customer chooses, Oria Builders gives our customers an estimate of the finishing materials cost so you know what the total price of the project will be.

Oria Builders makes the process easier for homeowners, by sending our clients to our network of suppliers and even joining you to help in the material selection process.  The good news about using our network of suppliers is that our clients get a contractor’s discount.

We also employ a “You buy, we install” policy, which means we handle the pickup/shipment of the finishing materials to the construction site. We professionally install any and all finishes, doing an outstanding job in record time and within budget.

At Oria Builders, we are a reliable remodeling contractor in San Jose and we fully understand the budgeting needs of our clients. We also ensure we stick to your budget while still offering quality service. We take our time to sit with you and decide the cost estimate of your finishing materials to make sure it is in line with your budget. Whatever suggestion we make, it will always be centered around your budget.

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